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i have just brought a second hand front wheel and it looks great in gold ,its a Sun Ringle Drift 2.1,i have a chance to purchase the rear wheel and was wondering if i can replace the Sun Ringle MTX39 rim on my 3000w ebike hub motor for a Sun Ringle Drift 2.1 ,thanks


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The MTX39 is one of the most indestructible rims you can lay your hands on. I use them on custom wheel builds. The only thing better in that size range is a DT Swiss FR 560 downhill rim, which costs at least double (and is half the weight).

You have a big 3000w hub motor. Whoever sold you that combo knew what they were doing strengthwise. I think the last thing I would do is put a weaker rim into that wheel. Can you do it? Yes. Should you? I sure wouldn't.
I did a quick look-see on the Drift 2.1. Its basically just an anodized MTX33. So its quite a bit narrower. Its also 32H. I'm willing to bet your motor is 36H, and of course the MTX39 comes in a 36H size, whereas the Drift/MTX33 is only 32H. So if that holds true and you cannot get a 36H rim then its a definite no.

EDIT: Especially if your rim is the same one you pictured, where you took the image from a Pinkbike ad. Both of those rims are 32H