Replacing Stolen Stromer ST2 S


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Hi All - My Stromer ST2 S (purchased used) was unfortunately stolen a few weeks back, but insurance has agreed to reimburse the NEW value of the bike (roughly $10k). As a result, I have circled a few options for replacing the old bike, and hoped to get a bit of advice on what the best possible replacement might be. I typically commute around 5 miles each way daily on the bike (assuming no rain), so would like something that's both fun to ride and highly reliable.

Stromer ST3
Riese & Muller Charger3 (HS Rohloff version)
Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0/5.0

While the price of the Specialized bike might seem a bit out of sort with the other options, I wondered if the lighter frame/battery would be a better option overall given I live in an apartment and moving around a 70+ pound Stromer was less than ideal in tight conditions (and pocketing the remaining insurance settlement is certainly nothing to be upset about). My commute isn't especially far and mostly flat, so I'd be interested to hear whether the comparably less powerful Specialized motor would be a material downgrade given a the lack of challenging terrain that I run into on my daily commuter rides. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

You might easily consider regular Vado 5.0... Far better for commuting than the SL. 53 lbs is still less than the Stromer...
Watt Wagons Ultimate Commuter Pro (UC Pro) would also be a good contender. It comes with a much improved custom controller for the Bafang Ultra that provide 20-30% increase efficiency and Bosch level smooth power delivery. The bike will also comes with throttle if you want it. Add to that the Rohloff or Kindernay IGH option with Gates Carbon Belt Drive and you have a bike that'll easily outdo R&M, Stromer, or Specialized.

@pushkar (Watt Wagons owner) has opted to go with carbon fiber frame for the new UC Pro. WW also has exceptional customer support with very happy customers. You can check out the WW forum posts on EBR.