RadWagon Accessories question

Eric Bresnahan

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I noticed that the caboose (really all the official accessories) are on the higher end price-wise. Are there any good alternatives to the aluminum accessory deck, the deckhand, and the caboose?

Also, it's between the wagon and the rover, will this bike rack work for both? (I know I'm pushing it with the weight limit on the wagon)

And yes, I am extremely new to electric bikes, really just bikes in general.

Thanks for the help guys!
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I have a hanging type bike rack (Softride Dura Assist 4) and it took some prep to mount the Radrover like remove battery, take off rack bag (rack bag caused more sway at hwy speeds), velcro straps on front tire to keep it from flopping, and strap bike to rack to limit front/back sway. Upgraded to a platform type rack (Saris SuperClamp Freedom 4) and zero bike prep with 4 points of contact to secure the bike. Lower lift height, I can leave all accessories on bike, and mount/dismount time is around a minute compared to 5X-10X longer with the hanging type. The make these types of rack for Class I and Class II hitches. Another plus is you can access your trunk when needed.
@Eric Bresnahan We have seen a number of customers adapt various alternative child carrying accessories on the back of the RadWagon, but have not seen any that fit without significant modifications, homemade adapters, DIY work. I have a DIY background, and appreciate this type of stuff but Rad Power Bikes cannot recommend any third party accessories since we have not put them through their paces. The RadWagon is competitively priced, and we try to keep the accessory costs down as low as possible. The caboose and deckhand are made about an hour outside of Seattle in a small 2nd generation family owned manufacturing facility, so our margins are next to nothing, but we like to make what we can locally. Happy biking!