Radrover Battery not charging


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I noticed my battery isn't charging when I plug in the charger. I still have power to the Radrover when riding and the hub motor and LCD works as normal. The power buttons on the handle bars and battery pack works as normal. No error codes on the LCD display. I have two chargers and I've tried both and the green light on both chargers stay on as if the RR is fully charged (the other light doesn't go to red when charging a low battery).

When riding, the LCD shows the ever lowing battery level correctly (down to 1-2 bars); but, the battery meter on the side of the battery shows a full charge every time when I check. I checked the 30 amp fuse and it is good. I keep my Radrovers in the garage and the temps are usually +55 degrees.

I haven't check my other RR to see if it is having the same issue (that battery is already fully charged). Is there anything I'm missing? Is there a battery reset? Seems like the battery thinks is is fully charge and it is not taking any more power?
@mrgold35 if you email [email protected] the team here can look up your serial number and determine manufacture date and provide you with sound guidance. It is unusual to have the pack and bike perform normally with a battery that is about half charged, and the charger(s) to not respond. There is a fuse inside the pack, on the charging circuit, but it is not user serviceable, since this blowing would indicate that there might be something else out of whack like the charge port, short circuit somewhere, etc. The most likely cause is the BMS is not allowing charge to flow into the battery, so it is possible that you have a low cell or group of cells, and the BMS is just doing it's job to protect the pack from charging while severely imbalanced. Either way, the tech support team will get you taken care of ASAP!
I sent an email to Rad tech support before posting here with the Radrover order number and serial number included.
For reference I had a weird issue pop up with my headlight.

I was getting 50v with the headlight off and only 10v with the headlight on. Should be 0v with the headlight off and 50v with headlight on. Rad power bikes sent me a new controller. Either way - weird electrical issue over here as well..
Rad had to send me a new controller for my other bike. The PAS wouldn't re-engage if you pedal fast enough to show "000" watts on the LCD. I could be in PAS 5 and slow down to under 10 mph while pedaling and the motor wouldn't engage. I figured out I had to pause my pedalling for about second for the motor to engage.

Rad has been extremely responsive and helped me troubleshoot the issue I've had. I wish Rad would offer an extended warranty option for 2-3 extra years. So glad I didn't go with the Sondor fat tire bike because I think they only have a 30 warranty.
I'm curious to see how well their tech support helps folks outside of warranty. Sucks that these bikes only come with a 1 year warranty tho. But they have no real way to measure/track abuse (like a vehicle) to extend the warranty and justify the repairs due to true manufacture error/failure
One of my rad power bikes is out of warranty and they have been great about selling me upgraded parts etc.

I agree on the extended warranty, I definitely would have bought one if it was available for my radmini
We will always do our best to help all of our customers, regardless of when your warranty runs out. I am glad you have had a good experience @vincent and we will look into offering extended warranties. We try to set reasonable pricing for all replacement and spare parts as we know that a great bike at an affordable price is just half of our offering, the other half is service and support.