RadMini tire selection


I'll be riding 95% of the time on pavement and blacktop bike paths. Should I be looking at other tires?
I'm wondering the same thing, but have decided to use the stock ones until treadwear becomes evident. The bike paths around here are loaded with tiny gravel and other detritus, so the knobby tires work fine. I keep the tires at 30 psi so the ride is firm. Some folks have changed to other tires and when I need to, I'll follow their lead.
I'm using Sunlite XL Cruiser 20 x 4-1/4 (I think I said it was 4.5 last time)

I prefer the smoother tread as it's a bit quieter. They fit fine with the RadPowerBikes fenders




For anyone interested: quick release pedals:
Wellgo C247

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