RadMini Goes Viral

Chuck GVCA

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There's a new review of the RadMini on YouTube (uploaded 12/24/16).

As of 4:05PM on 12/27/16 (California/Pacific Time), there have been 283,642 views of this video.

I guess this reviewer has more than just a few subscribers.

It's time to purchase one while supplies last!
LinusTechTips does awesome tech reviews and Taran - the guy doing the cycle reviewed the radwagon before too.
I bought my radRover because RadPower bikes were well reviewed by Taran from LinusTechTips and Jerry from Barnacules Nerdgasm.
I bet sales really jump. 0
Well, I got my Radmini just prior to Christmas. So far, it's been great, but of course, it is still very new. I had some issues with the slide that the battery slides down. It is a flimsy slotted bar that is only attached near the top. When I removed the battery for charging (it's too cold in my garage currently for charging) the bar popped out of the guide that holds it at the bottom and then bent. Once I got a short enough philips screwdriver to remove the screw, I took it out and pounded it back flat again. It is finicky lining up the battery with the lock hole and takes a couple minutes since it is possible to push the battery too far down. Also, the seat must be removed to remove or install the battery.
My motor is a Bafang RMG06 that says 750 watts. The controller is a King-Meter. Users Manual says not to exceed 500 watts on hills--the hills around here (Benicia in N. CA) can be steep and my rides on the "test hill" near my house shows power use of 515 watts in PA2-which I need to climb that hill. What's curious to me is that the battery meter drops dramatically while climbing (I know V=IR), but still...
Anyway, thought I'd chime in.
Enjoy your new ride!!

I have had my radrover for a few months now. Love it! I hope to buy a 2nd one soon...