Rack Bag or Trunk Suggestions?

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Hello fellow Rad riders,

I bought a RadCity last December and have been loving it - but I can't seem to find a good bag for the rear rack nor a good set of panniers.

I searched a bit and found someone had recommended this one:
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Has anyone else purchased a mounted bag for their bike?

I was hopefully looking to get something more waterproof as I'd like to stick my work laptop in there, but that isn't a necessity.

I also have been using this set of panniers, however it was really cheap and one side already has a whole torn through it thanks to leaving my heavy Kryptonite chain lock in it..

I don't recommend the above pannier if you intend to carrier heavier items, but for the price it has worked for lighter loads.
It's Chinese holiday time and delayed shipping until after February 2nd and then usually backed up a week on a 2-3 week delivery, BUT, I bought two Roswheel bags for a crazy low price. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality at the price point. It requires patience. I've purchased item for under $3.00 delivered that sell for $20 in big box stores. They get them from China and some items have crazy markups. One does need to pay attention. There are some junky resellers. But they are also some crazy good deals.
I like Roswheel bags. They are beginning to show up on Amazon too.
I had an older Topeak bag without panniers and I just didn't have enough space for my morning winter work commutes. It worked fine in the summer when I wore my riding gear I needed. I would go for a bag with expandable panniers to 2X-4X your space when needed. I can leave for work at 5:30am at 30 degrees and riding home it can be +55 degrees. I would have to wear my cold weather gear home and leave my Bar Mitts on at 55-60 degrees in the afternoon if it wasn't for the side expandable panniers.
Thanks for that Thomas. I have been eyeing that one on Amazon actually.

There's also this one which looks to be good:

Where were you buying it for $3 though? Alibaba? Link if you can provide it :)
I'm sorry my poor writing skills. I bought a bike light, advertised and sold at Walmart for $20, for $3. I was one that put two laser line down on the pavement along each side of the bike. It SHOULD have read, "I've purchased items for under $3.00 delivered that sell for $20 in big box stores." I was surprised by the durability of something that cheap.

The one you referenced is on a different style rear rack. I think it's widen than my Topeak and Bontrager.
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I put on the
Ibera PakRak IB-RA5 Touring Bicycle Carrier and Quick Release Bag

I picked it up from amazon for $80.
My only issue with it is the quick release gets splashed from my rear tire and gets jammed up. If you had full or longer fenders that the standard ones, it would not be an issue.
Topeak makes a nice set that has the quick release in the front of the rack that would be my next choice.

I have added Wald folding wire racks. I love my baskets

I bought the Topeak rear rack and bags. Only problem is they aren't waterproof, but Topeak rain cover is cheap. Great system and good looking rack.