Question about Bike Radios

I don't think the OP wants to blast tunes obnoxiously like the electric scooter crowd. Archer bicycle radios weren't built to high standards. The two I remember in our small town self destructed from the popular at the time Stingray's vibration. A mesh water bottle pouch to isolate the vibration with your radio of choice is my suggestion.

On the high end side an Icom R30 will let you listen to almost anything and vibration won't tear it up. Coupled with a BT Aftershokz headset you'll hear be able to hear the audio and your surroundings. It's what I use walking the dog. Wouldn't consider it on a bike, too busy looking for abhorrent cagers.
Just go to Amazon and look at the pictures.. It's just a radio.
Or just use the one you put in your shirt pocket while you run..
Same effect and you don't need to add or remove it physically from the bike.
I think this thread caused me to grow a dang gray hair..
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