Qualisports Dolphion Locking Seatpost Clamp


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One of the keys broke in the tubular push lock when I was planning to take the battery out and now the battery/seatpost is stuck along with the clamp. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fix it?
As a first gen rider, I was a bit confused by this post until I went to the site and saw the new design solution. Not a bad solution, while it works I guess! How much of that key is broken off in there to extract? Do you have a picture? If you can't tweeze, needle nose, or magnetically extract key (you can make your own precision micro-magnet with a screw/bolt, coiled wire, and small battery), a locksmith might be able to pick it out with their special tools. The bum side of classic plastic BIC roller pen, or chewing gum might also work, or make it worse. Failing that, would contact Qualisports and give them the opportunity to correctly guide you through this. A thin wheel angle grinder can probably blast through where arrow is, but then there's still work to bend the sides. Probably not a great idea to use compressed air and hammer so close to the battery. Getting the broken key remnants out, clearing and lubing, and then using other key would probably be best solution.

Worst case, for comps on fairness policies, this is the "Kryptonite" broken key solution:

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 8.38.36 AM.jpeg