Prodecotech parts.


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As Prodecotech recedes into history, parts will continue to be a problem. On the Samsung down-tube battery bikes, the frame side of the battery connector becomes very intermittent, almost unusable. There was a thread posted that mentioned two other bike brands using this battery, but I was unable to find it again. Can anyone help. I would like to check with these other companies to see if a replacement part (I need two) can be obtained.

The Prodecotech type down-tube Samsung battery can be obtained on Alibaba in a "one" quantity for a large savings. It's an OEM Reention Dorado, check for your voltage requirements. Quality is not yet known to me. Regards...
ProdecoTech was one of the first in North America to offer Reention packs. There are many companies using them now. Juiced Bikes and EJoe to name two. I believe there are a few different form factors. Long, short, wide and standard. And voltage differences. You'll have to contact the companies for precise specifications.