Pashley to launch a consumer ebike in 2024


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In a recent crowdfunding announcement seeking funding to expand its existing e-cargo and e-bikeshare production, Pashley announced it plans to launch a consumer ebike next year. Over the past 10 years consumer Pashley ebikes have been DIY conversions of their traditional steel framed models mostly using Bafang mid-drive motors, first by the public, then by bike shops like Blackwell & Sons in New Zealand, and lately Pashley itself began offering pre-converted commercial trikes and bikes. Pashley report they weathered the pandemic bike boom and bust cycle thanks to being able to rely on existing relationships with suppliers, and growth in supplying the bikeshare market.
Pashley has some cool bikes in my opinion. But then again my tastes are different than most. I would ditch the white tires on this one and go for something like Super Moto X. The frame is setup to take a Gates Belt with a break in the seat stay. I would probably flip the bar for practical reasons. Who has a double top tube? Really! I would also use polished crank arms on the mid-drive, keeping the polished chainring guard. Those are roller brakes. Super clean with a hand brazed lugged frame. There is one US distributor in AZ. They are pricy but very rare. It is a head turner and thing of beauty. You are ridding a work of art.


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It used to be called "begging'; when I was young :)
I’m with you there. I can see the benefit of crowdfunding for health emergencies or for a disaster, but it seems that it is commonly used as a way to get money without earning it. I might consider donating to a worthwhile project that otherwise wouldn’t happen, but Pashley doesn’t deserve my charity.
It will be increasingly common to use crowdfunding in an environment where the venture capitalists have burned their fingers on the likes of VanMoof. I noticed this week VVolt have also launched their own campaign, see, and they’re related to the successful Showers Pass cycling clothing company. It’s a legitimate strategy for established brands like Pashley and Showers Pass because they can leverage existing trust and goodwill relationships. As of this morning the Pashley campaign appears to have raised 2/3 of its 500 grand goal. Still investors should go in with the expectation they may lose all their investment.
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These bikes have Taiwan all over them. I very strongly suspect 'Made in UK' is a crock. Maybe unboxed in the UK is more accurate.
These bikes have Taiwan all over them. I very strongly suspect 'Made in UK' is a crock. Maybe unboxed in the UK is more accurate.
The link in my previous post was for VVolt brand ebikes, not Pashley, in the context of their entirely separate crowdfunding campaign that just happened to launch the same week as Pashley. Just as Brompton ebikes have the frame made in London, so I believe any future Pashley ebike frame would be made in Stratford, UK. I am interested to see how close the design of a future ‘leisure market’ Pashley ebike would adhere to their traditional design cues.
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Pashley ebike would adhere to their traditional design cues
Yes, I hope they don't make them like a hunk clunky Rad and do retain some of that style that sets them apart. The Princess looks very Dutch from the 1950's. I once made a similar bike electric. It was a beauty with an IGH, dynamo, lugged frame, and integrated wheel lock. I would like to think that they really are made in Stafford but suspect that they are made in the same factories as other Omafiets. Here is a high quality steel frame being produced by Leeche in Taiwan.



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The upcoming new Pashley Morgan 10 model looks like a fantastic daily commuter
A five year old interview by Forbes quotes Adrian Williams the Pashley CEO saying he experimented with front hub ebikes back in 1992 before joining Pashley two years later.
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