Organic Transit ELF has a new owner for 2021 It is Sol Mobile.

Popeye Gordon

The dregs of Organic Transit finally sold at auction after a long delay due to the pandemic. OT had gone bankrupt due to borrowing too much money. The new owners moved the plant to a different town in North Carolina and built three new ELFs using existing parts inventory, to fill waiting list orders that were delayed. Sol Micromobility or Sol Mobility is the new owner name. They hope to release a new model, version 2.0, by the end of 2021. I will try to remember to update this post but you can follow the developments in the three Facebook groups for the ELF.
FYI, the competing product that copied the ELF design concept, the PEBL, went down during the pandemic and outsourced its factory to Germany. They sent a container full of tooling and parts to the Germans. It remains to be seen if any new model will be forthcoming. I understand there is a small parts depot for PEBL owners still in the US, east coast somewhere. The Facebook pages and websites of both of these companies are not maintained up to date as of today.
I am starting year seven with the ELF as my only transportation. I keep it going with some assistance from the local bike shop. It is holding up remarkably well in my humid Florida environment. It has saved me $19,000 so far because I got rid of my car. No body cracks yet, just tire and battery and chain and cog and brake pad replacements. Still have the original motor and controller and throttle and power monitor. I went through three replacement solar panel roofs before finding one that does survive the roof curve long term. I get up to 85 watts of charging from my Renogy 100 watt flex panel in full sun.