organic transit

  1. Popeye Gordon

    Organic Transit ELF has a new owner for 2021 It is Sol Mobile.

    The dregs of Organic Transit finally sold at auction after a long delay due to the pandemic. OT had gone bankrupt due to borrowing too much money. The new owners moved the plant to a different town in North Carolina and built three new ELFs using existing parts inventory, to fill waiting list...
  2. R

    ELF 2FR, brief comments, not a review

    Look at the YouTube video of an unedited ride through the rain puddles. The EFF rider screams as he gets his pants soaked. Anybody contemplating purchasing an electric trike should watch that video. That was exactly my thought when I saw an ELF yesterday in Vancouver (nickname...
  3. Popeye Gordon

    Organic transit ELF owner with 28 months experience

    Hello, I just signed up to participate here after a conversation with the EBR editor, Court is friendly and was concerned when I told him his two Youtube ELF reviews are getting outdated due to continued product refinements of the factory in Durham NC. They have shipped over 800 units now. I am...
  4. F

    Organic Transit Elf

    I took delivery of my ELF electric bicycle in January 2016, from Organic Transit. I really like the idea for the ELF but most of the time the bike really does not operate due to electrical issues. The bike is really attractive looking. I think of that it looks like a little miniature Volkswagen...