Omni B on ST2s screen broken. Easy to replace unit?


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Hi all,

I have been riding perhaps 2 years now with the original Omni B not working on my ST2s. I can still use the app, its just the touchscreen functionality doesn't work, meaning you cant use the screen to scroll etc. In reality this means I can only switch the bike on and off via the app. I am dreading the time when I need to reset my torque sensor again as I wont be able to!
My question is, are these Omni units plug and play? If I were to buy a second hand B for instance, is it just a case of replacing one for the other or do I need to have stromer activate it over 4G? Related question, could I buy the new Omni C (Color?) and do the same? I really need to get this sorted.
I opted for the dealer Omni C upgrade for my ST2S in 2019. The tech said the physical installation was straightforward, but there were issues with app registration, so they kept the bike for several days to get assistance from Stromer. YMMV
I dont know if it helps, but you should call me, its pretty easy to explain. I have the older omni from a st2. It did the trick.

You can replace the touchscreen, the upper deck of the omni leave the original lcd in the omni you have a omni which is dead or broken. Except the touchscreen from it. If you have the right tools. Do you wanna have whatsapp contact maybe? I dont know how a omni b does look like from the inside. I did it without the stromer portal 😃