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Ordered an omega today. This will replace the orion I have. Evelo does not offer a rear rack for the omega, so just wondering what current users are using for racks. Not interested in the extra battery and rack.
Seems like there are hundreds of 'universal rear bicycle racks' (search of Amazon or Walmart). I really prefer the looks of the dedicated rack that Evelo offers for the Omega & Atlas, BUT not for $120. I chose one more affordable that works quite well for both the Omega and Atlas. It includes a lot of funky clamps and brackets that look kind of cheesy but I was able to avoid using a lot of them. You will also need a "Julet" 2 pin extension cable if you want to relocate the brake light to the back of the rack. At the time, I could only find a 30" cable which is a lot more length than you need.

I got the rack from Walmart but they appear to be out of stock, so here's the link from Amazon:


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