Nokee King Meter


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United Kingdom
Bit of a dilemma I'm afraid.
I have a Stella Livorno - bought new. Within a year the Nokee LCD display died. However, the main functions - 9 peddle levels and lights remained OK. However, now I am doing 30+ miles with Map My Ride, I really am becoming nervous about how much power is left in the battery. And so I took the step of buying a M5 type LED display to replace the dead unit. Plugged it in and BAM ! the 36v display came up perfect with every function illuminated.
Took it out and tried to change the level on the thumb control. Nothing. Light would not work. No matter what level I put it in no power at all - not even walk assist. Took it back. Removed the M5 display and replaced it with the old Nokee blank face.
Disaster. Now even the old unit failed to respond. The light flickered occasionally and I knew the thumb control was working but no power at all to the hub.

Feeling v sorry for myself.

Has anybody else had this problem at all, please ? If not, could some electronic whizz kid give me some idea of what they think has happened, please ? Both controllers are 36v but I appear to have damaged the control somehow. The Livorno doesn't have a sealed control box under the pedals as I've seen in YouTube vids so I suppose it's in the front hub.

Any advice help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you,,Jon