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Hello all,

I’m Phillip from Northwest Pennsylvania. I’ve had my Lectric XP Lite for about 2 weeks and enjoy riding it as much as possible.

Looking forward to learning more about my bike! I’ve racked up 90 miles already and am patiently awaiting my rack and pannier bag set. I went with the Blue to match my car.

Question, does anyone know if a slightly wider/fatter tire will work on the xp lite? Just to provide some additional comfort over the rough stuff.


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The reason why I'm asking about rim size is because it is not safe to force incompatible tire into the rim.
Totally understandable my apologies,
this all relatively new to me. I could always just get an off roady type e-bike for that type of duty. This one is perfect for daily use.
You may not have to purchase a new bike.
Did you see the chart that I posted above?

If you could find your rim width, you might be able to fit wider tires, provided you have enough clearance both front (fork) and rear (frame, chainstay).
Thank you for the helpful information