New Trek owner: range extender, second battery, or extra powertube?


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Hi all,

New owner of a Trek+ 4s low step here! If I understand things correctly, I have three official options if I want to increase the range for long rides:

1. The Range Boost battery;
2. The TQ HOR Range Extender;
3. A spare Powertube 500.

Is that correct? If so, then I’d love to hear opinions about going with #3 rather than #1 or 2. Advantages of #1 and 2 are that they attach to the bike, which minimizes risk of loss or damage. But I find the Range Boost battery to be very unsightly, and the TQ HPR’s additional range is pretty modest. Plus, both of those eliminate the use of a water bottle cage. So I lean toward a spare Powertube, which I’d get some kind of protective case for and carry in a pannier when I need it. But am I missing something in terms of disadvantages to this approach?


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Congrats on your new 4s. A sweet ride. You pose a tough question to which I struggled with 2 years ago with my 7s. The 500w Powertube did not contain sufficient electrons for my daily rides. My biggest concern was how the Range Boost would look on my bike (Ugly!).

Final solution: Installed the Range boost and swapped the 500w RIB for a 625w and sold the 500w original RIB on Craigs List.

1) check with your dealer if it is prewired for the range boost. I dont see this listed as a possibility on Trek website, but I don't see why it can't be done as long as the dealer orders all the right parts.

2) the TQ extender is for Trek bikes with the TQ HPR50 motor. Not compatible with your bike.

3) This is what I do, but it is simpler on my Haibike where the power tube is simply behind a plastic shield in the frame. The Trek has a color matched piece(RIB?) and likely also an extension that makes the 500wh powertube the same length as the 625 (not sure on your bike, but the Allant is definitely that way.) You would need to have those pieces on your spare battery to be able to hot swap powertubes during a ride.

#1 does have the advantage that it shows you the combined range and sips from each battery in turn keeping them within 5% of each other in charge.
Just regarding the water bottle:

SKS makes a very good seat-post water-bottle mount. You only need to provide your own water-bottle-cage. It is a very good product: I'm often riding in rough terrain, and the mount holds!