New to the Community Lost with my feelings about my new bike

Mr Wonderful

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I just puchased a OHM Sport 2017 and have mixed feelings about my bike

First is buyers remorse because I spent alot of money on this bike
almost $6000 with taxes.

I am alone on the trails and seawall because I haven't seen another EBike owner in Vancouver
and feel like returning the bike because of the price and no real place to store the bike in my one bedroom apartment.

I'm glad this forum is open and available because i am trying to get over my remorse by riding the bike and need some advice

It is a great bike ! and feel that I am not cheating by using the electric part but feel isolated
because I also don't know any other EBike riders in Vancouver BC

So I have mixed feelings about what to do in the next 7 days (7 days to return the bike)
beside ride
I doubt you are alone there as e bikes do have a presence in Van and have for years. If you truly enjoy the experience stay with it, but if you feel you will have regrets then that is a decision only you can make.