New Spec App?

I think "auto-start" and "auto-pause" were the same thing?
Hmmm.... I'm not sure, but what happens for me with MC, with auto-start enabled, it starts recording when I start riding, but if I stop for an hour or so, it will stop recording and not start again when I continue the ride. I also use RideWithGPS and auto-pause works perfectly with that app--even if I turn off the screen during my long pause. I'll try the new Specialized app tomorrow. Thanks for your reply.
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First ride today with Specialized app. It truly seems to integrate the features of Mission Control and Ride. (As noted above, there's no ability to save custom presets, and I don't see Smart Control.) The Auto-Pause feature works perfectly, and the post-ride stats shows total time and moving time. There is no auto-start--that is, I had to press the Record button to start the ride. But after each pause during the ride, the recording resumed when I started moving. You have to manually press the Stop button to end the ride (which is what you'd expect.)

My ride today was almost four hours total time with two long stops along the way. The moving time was only 54 minutes, and the app tracked the times correctly. Comparing the stats of the app to RideWithGPS, the numbers don't align exactly, but that's to be expected--the variation is acceptable. I see no reason to keep MC and Ride--the new app does it all. Good work, Specialized.... thank you.
Hello all, there is a new version announcing Smart Control but I can’t find the functionality, any idea?
Version 1.6.0

We've listened, Riders, and are excited to announce that Smart Control has been added to the Specialized app in this latest release!
I downloaded the new app (updated from APP Store on Apple iPhone to version 1.6.0 build 926 and I also do not see it. Anyone know how to see it, view it, enable it, etc.?
Another version, still no heart rate recording. I wish I knew if they planned to do it or if I need to find another solution altogether.
No doubt the Specialized App becomes better and better. It is interesting to read some remarks in the new app such as this one:


The remark about "unless you removing the Range Extender during your ride" is really interesting! The typical scenario of riding with this option on and both the main battery and the RE is that in case the RE becomes discharged below 20%, the main battery starts helping with its own charge (especially in high assistance modes). Now, how should it look in theory?

In theory, the Range Extender should get discharged down to 5%, and then it should be cut off from the system (reporting 0% RE charge, which is not the fact). However, there are errors and glitches in the SL system despite firmware updates. While the scenario might work as described with a specific RE, another RE might cut off even at its 10% charge!

Disconnecting a Range Extender earlier might be a good idea. Depending on my specific ride, I'm disconnecting the RE at 20 or 10% and avoid going below that, especially as the assistance becomes very weak below RE 10%. It looks Specialized has observed similar phenomena, and thinks riding in the "Discharge Range Extender First" mode would require disconnecting the extra battery at some ride stage?
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In the new app, I have Charge Limit 80% enabled, but the bike is still charging to 100%. I’ve been through several charging cycles and it always charges to 100%. (The old MC and Ride apps were uninstalled when the new app was installed.)

Anyone else having the same or different results?
What you describe is a common issue, but so far I have escaped it for whatever reason. I use mission control to unlock and for ride tracking since I can pair my pixel watch for heart rate tracking ,and believe that's where I set up the 80% charge (or maybe new app ? I don't recall). But so far, I can charge to 80%, and it does revert to 100% on ~10th charge, and just a couple days ago it flipped back to 80%. So mine seems to be working so far.