new Rubbers


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I have 1100 miles on the Rad Rover pulling a trailer weighing 100lbs total. I could have gotten 1500 miles on the rear Kenda tire and 2000 on the front Kenda tire, if not for a broken beer bottle. Most of my riding is road and some state, national park trails. Went with the Vee Tire Company, Chicane. 10 miles in it seems a good choice for the riding I do. The Rad Rover seems faster with these tires? Or maybe it was just not riding for a week while the new tires shipped. To be clear; it seems I can pedal it faster, top speed for each level of assist is the same, just easier to reach. Oh I added a horn and removed the bell, prostate seat, and a washing at 1,000 miles. Its been a great ride, n ot to mention I have lost about 30lbs since the Rad Rover arrived in July.
Kenda is absolutely the worst tire brand i've ever used.. They must be really cheap for so many bike companies to make them OEM.

Just about any quality tire would be an improvement..