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My wife and I are now in the e bike game and loving things so far. Two weeks and about 100 miles so far. She has the Blix Aveny and I have the Magnum Summit.

My Magnum is a big boy 29 frame. I am 6' 2'' about 215 (career high) and I love this bike. So far a full charge gets me about 40 miles with a mix of big hill and paved bike paths. I really like that the display shows the current voltage because I can get a very good read on miles remaining based on volts. I also like that the display shows a graph of the power assist being provided. I mostly try to do my share of the work so the display is a nice validation of that.

We are doing trails with steep hills that we no longer could have handled comfortably with our old "manual" bikes.

These e bikes are fantastic!!!!
Congrats on your new ebiks!
So much fun, like being a little kid again.
Many of us, myself included, are hoping for an early Spring. I’m not a winter cyclist, especially on snow and ice.
Please feel free to share some pics and adventures. 🚴🏾‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️😎😊