New display and error 05 on BH Neo Extrem


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United Kingdom
I have a Neo Extrem emotion bike and recently broke the lcd display (part No. LCD 20151123177). I managed to source a new one from a company in France (P/N: LCD 20210506142) - it was impossible to find spares in th UK. However when re-connected, the display shows error code 05 and warning ⚠️ sign flashes when load is applied to the pedals. If the load is removed, the display reverts to normal. When the front brake is applied the same warning ⚠️ sign flashes on and disappears when the brake is released. The controller model is BH-Neo-W3620A and serial No(?) is , 02 130617358. Rear motor No’s are 1306BH0158(E) & M155RD3612. The bike worked fine with the old display before brakeage. With error code 05, the motor does not run and I have read what I can find online: for this model error 05 seems to suggest a brake interface issue which given the brake lever sets off a warning seems a reasonable assumption. I've troubleshooted as in the notes, eg. check brake levers, check connections (all ok), motor sensor (not checked but considered unlikely as worked before), and am tending towards a firmware issue between the display and the controller, perhaps UK spec vs Euro spec? I hope someone can throw some light on what may be the cause. I have also contacted BH Spain direct - useless!
And if there's no cure, anyone interested in parts from this bike, including new display, 2 batteries, recent torque sensor, etc...