2014/15 Easy Motion Evo City Error Code 12


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2014/15 Easy Motion Evo City Error Code 12

I have a 2014 or 2015 Easy Motion Evo City. I purchased it brand new in April of 2015. The sales receipt refers to it as an Evo Street but the bike clearly is labeled Evo City. The bike has less than 60 miles.

The last time a went to ride the bike I received an error code #12 upon boot up.

From the manual:
Error code #12
Description: protection against overheating
Observations: Entered the temperature protection mode, the controller stops.

The documentation infographic points to the hub motor with respect to this error #12.

Upon boot up of the bike the display follows standard boot up sequence. The battery indicator flashes an empty infographic and then displays the full charge. All seems great at that point. Some 15 to 20 seconds later the display shows a 12 in the center with a flashing exclamation mark in a triangle above (error indicator).

I have unplugged the hub motor and powered on the bike. I received the same error message number 12.

Has anyone dealt with this issue? It's unclear to me if the issue is in the hub motor, the controller (I don't mean the display), or elsewhere. I would greatly appreciate any help one could provide.

Thanks Dennis!!