new CA bike laws


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  • Bicycles Omnibus Bill (AB 1909, Friedman)
    AB 1909 is similar to the ‘move over or slow down’ law. This new law will provide increased protections to bicyclists by requiring passing vehicles or overtaking a bicycle in the same direction, to move over to an adjacent lane of traffic, if one is open, or slow down and only pass the bicyclist when it is safe.

    Class 3 e-bike riders will now be allowed to use approved bicycle paths and trails, bikeways, and bicycle lanes. This law will prohibit local governments from requiring bicycle registration and allow local authorities to prohibit any electric bicycle on a horse, hiking or other recreational trails.

love the new passing law, although i can see some blowback from it.

i have never heard of a local jurisdiction requiring bike registration, but i guess i’m glad that there’s now a state law presenting some a-hole towns from doing so 😂
Yes, this law removes state-wide restrictions on Class 3 ebikes. But it gives local authorities and park officials the power to restrict any kind of ebike in any way they see fit.

And Carlsbad did just that in late 2022. I generally agree with their restrictions, as our streets, trails, and bikeways are now inundated with swarms of local kids and tourists on ebikes showing little or no common sense, courtesy, situational awareness, or understanding of basic traffic laws.

This is why we can't have nice things.
There is a section of 4 lane road without a bike lane so bikes are directed to use the sidewalk. There was a ped on a narrow section of that sidewalk yesterday so I went on the road. An F250 floored it past me with the right mirror 2 inches from my head. Just because there is a law does not mean you are respected. I caught the F250 at the next light. If the guy slowed to pass me he would have hit that same red light anyway.
We have bike symbols on the road letting motorists know that the full lane is a bike lane. They never see it cause they never look down at the road.
And there are even signs that state the full lane is available bike lanes. But just words. No symbols. Locals have an idea, but visitors never notice them.
Like people who live in areas that do not have "no turn on red" signs. They never look up to see those signs and blow through the light.
slow down and only pass the bicyclist when it is safe
How is this not already a law??!?

From an enforcement perspective on class 3, how can you tell a class1 bike from class3 by looking?