Need help with Swagtron EB9


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West central Illinois on the Mississippi bluffs.
Between my wife and I we own 3 Swagtron EB9's, the road bike style step through, purchased several years apart. I am not able remove the battery from any of the three, despite the website saying:
Easily swap out the battery with a fresh one when you need the extra power. Extra battery sold separately"

and the manual

"For your convenience, the EB9's battery can be removed for easier charging and/or an
extra measure of security.

Step 1. Use the included keys to unlock the battery via the keyhole on left side of cargo
rack (Fig. 8). To unlock the battery, insert the key, and turn it to the unlock

Step 2. Pull out of the battery from the cargo rack."
The accompanying image shows turning the key clockwise to the unlock position. I can do step 1; but step 2 is hopeless.

Needless to say there are multiple reasons for removing the battery. The most pressing in my case is being able to swap batteries to get a better range.

What's strange is all three bikes have the same problem; yet I could find nothing about it on the internet.

Thank you for any assistance.
Bit strange to experience the same thing on 3 bikes!

I own a different bike to you but I need to give my battery a fairly good tug to pull it off the bike. Even "unlocked" its unlikely to fall off the bike when I'm riding around. So be prepared, they don't all slide out easily!

Batteries can become stuck/tuff to remove through dirt and grime getting in places it shouldn't. Especially if you don't remove them often!

The battery sits on a rail underneath on these bikes. I'd probably squirt a little WD40 in there and see if it frees up with a little persuasion.

After that give the rail and lock mechanism a squirt with some lubricant, something like GT85 to try prevent it sticking in future. Using some Contact Cleaner may help too.
That's a rear rack battery. It's only held in by the connector and keylock in front. It should come right out. Pull harder? Sometimes, if you look up at the bottom by the ke.. you will see the hole where the piston from the key fits when locked.
Just under the battery, along the middle. There seem to be a few tabs. You can see one right by his fingers. Perhaps that is where it's stuck? Or maybe the battery is getting pushed on, from the bottom, by the heads of the bolts. See the 4 bolts? are they loose? That could be putting pressure on the battery and make it difficult to remove. Really strange to have this happen to all 3 bikes though.
Thanks for the suggestions. I've been slow to respond because I purchased a Ride1up Turris and have been busy assembling, adjusting, taking care of a problem, and customizing. When I get the Turris the way I want it, I'll get back to the Swagtrons.