NCM - Charged Battery but showing 0 bars on display


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Bike - NCM Milano 48V

Problem - Battery is charged, display (DAS-kit) turns on, but shows the battery as ZERO bars. So obviously no power in the throttle.

Background - First started with my teenager saying the bike wasn't working. Battery was on but no power in the display. I pushed the connector chord together and we got it working together. This happened a couple of times again and we just pushed the connects back together.

What I'm worried about is that it's hard to see the arrows on the connect chord to line up the connection properly. Maybe one of the small wires or "holes" is wrecked? Tried to take a photo and maybe one of the holes looks messed up?

Thoughts? Before I drop a bunch of money on a new DAS-kit controller.

Picture of the other connector? Pins?
multimeter reading from the battery just to confirm?
it does sound like a dodgy connector
I would agree with you that one of your pins is not making contact properly. It looks as if one of the pins has been pushed back in to the connector, which can easily cause your issue. I would see if I could take the connector apart and locate the missing pin back in its proper location. I then would use a paint pen or suitable marker to draw a line lengthwise on the connector and it’s mating jack to give you a quick visual index of proper orientation of the cable.