My Outlaw EX


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I originally owned a Phantom X2 but the folding part broke, this is a video overview of the Outlaw EX with the same components from my X2 after ProdecoTech helped me.

I added a lot of stuff from Amazon including a mirror, headlight, bag and a U-Lock from Walmart with cable.
Nice overview Alex,

Do you use this for commute or occasional riding? How long have you been using this?
Mostly for commuting to work, about 8 miles round trip. I had the Phantom X2 for about 6 months before it split on me this Outlaw for about 8 months.
Thanks for the background and great overview of the bike Arourke212! I like the accessories you chose, my lock is very similar and I use it to secure the wheels while locking the frame to a metal railing or rack directly. I've never seen panniers in use with these rear-rack ProdecoTech ebikes but you did a good job. I didn't realize the company had fenders you could get but they look like they fit really well :)
How is the ex outlaw holding up? Nice looking bike

Thanks. It is good, though in the bike shop right now. I just moved to Las Vegas and had my bike shop in Connecticut box and ship it for me($220.) I put the bike back together myself and had trouble with the derailleur so I brought it to a bike shop and they said that I needed a new one. I should be getting it back tomorrow. I am going to need that motor in this Vegas heat.
I had a Phantom XLi and a weld broke at the folding flanges. Dumped me to the ground. Took the bike to a fabricating shop that welded aluminum. They took out the folding flanges and added a gusset from the vertical tube out past where the folding flanges were. @$300, much cheaper than a bike replacement or using a warranty frame (why repeat?)