My experience with the SMART electric bike

It is not the price point of the Mercedes that I'm concerned with, it is the value. Stromer, Pedego, Faraday and other manufacturers all produce quality bikes at a similar price point, and although I like the internal hub and carbon belt on the Smart, each of these manufacturers have their own relative merits, including cheaper, more accessible replacement batteries.
If I'm wrong here, please correct me, because there is a lot to like about the Smart, and Mercedes seems to be offering some pretty attractive discounts on their existing models.
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Attractive discounts for sure ... Like $2900 CDN lately in & around Vancouver, Canada. If you squeeze as I did you might also get a high end jacket and helmut included @ no charge - Color Matched no less! "Nothing endures but change" said Hereclitus around 500 BC. He got that right - especially for ebikes and their parts.
An interesting e-discussion.
Our experience with the Smart E Bike is not so positive as others, but this is primarily because of pretty questionable service back up by our local MB UK dealer.
The dealer appeared not to have done a PDI of any value and released bike with a manual/disk and a charger and lead without any packaging, no yellow brake caliper lock supplied. Tyres were at less than 30psi instead of the required 65psi, keys to battery were missing and took over a month to find. The rear carrier took nearly 2 months to deliver and was then fitted without the second strut to rear mudguard being refitted so it rattles without this support. Had to insist on an engineer being found to adjust the seat to the right height in order for the bike to be ridden home.
The battery takes over 12 hours to full charge from no less than a quarter charge left. We share the concern on battery replacement costs and possible actual life span versus marketed lifespan prediction. We're not getting anywhere near the mileage from a charge. It is surprising for such an apparent leading edge design that the battery recharge socket is right where most of the road crud accumulates (just above the crank) but has no cover designed nor supplied - we use the tip of an orange earplug!
The bike is 3 months old, the lights have failed several times, now front OK but no rear.
We share the positive comments about design, quietness, and general ease of use but when we raised the above issues we did have to be very insistent that matters were put right - attitude by MB service "manager" was pretty dismissive, all he seemed interested in was our postcode, not our issues with the bike. It's now booked in for tomorrow and we've told them they have it for 5 days to fully sort it out - we're not feeling positive.
We also took delivery of a Smart Fortwo at the same time and our service experience and dealer interaction not to have been a particularly positive process either. It seems to us the dealer just doesn't really want to backup its Smart sales in the same way it does its MB products
Hi Guys,

I have an opportunity to pick up Smart that only has 70 kms on it which looks almost brand new in the ad pics. My question is what do you guys think is a fare price for a two year old Smart eBike? I'm worried with the older technology and lack of replacement parts. I live near the BionX headquarters so hopefully that will help with finding a battery if needed in the future.