Motiv Electric Bikes - Newest Model

After being in business for 2 years, it's safe to say we are adept are riding e-bikes. As such, we sometimes like to rock out to some tunes while cruising the streets of Southern California. Then one day it happened. While riding along PCH "Float On" by Modest Mouse came on the playlist which led us to think: "What if our bikes could do the same?". After countless attempts in the wee hours of the morning and a few minor safety accidents…we are pleased to announce to you the Motiv Hover! Ever since we were kids we wanted to fly, and this is the closest we can come to that for now. Offering airtime, the Motiv Hover still offers the traditional functions of our great e-bike fleet, with a new flair for the air. Remember as a kid you hated being grounded? Well, so did we. Come float on with Motiv and get your Hover on!

Hah! April fools right... I'd love a flying electric bike that could run on bean burritos. I imagine it would look something like this, you'd never have to worry about those pesky neighbor kids again!


Please pardon my less than perfect shadows work.... I was trying to channel Bob Ross with those happy little clouds. "I believe, I believe, every day's a good day when you paint! Let's build a happy little cloud... let's build some happy little trees..." :cool:

Will the new Motiv Hover work over water as well as land? I remember a similar product, a few years back, piloted by a guy named Marty that didn't work well over water. I think there was something about water's surface tension not being strong enough to generate enough lift from the engine fans of the hoverboard. What kind of battery is in that thing? In order to create enough lift, it would need roughly 1.21 gigawatts.
Put my name on the waiting list, if there is one! I can't wait to get that baby home and take a picture of it next to my Delorean. Does it come in stainless steel? I know you guys are great about customizing!