More tube replacements for ebikes vs regular?


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In EBR's ebike vs bike write up, Cort shares that ebikes go through more tube replacements than regular bikes because ebikes are heavier.

What has been your experience? More blown tubes, about the same, or less?
Less, but it depends on what kind of tire you have on your ebike. Had a Maxxis Excel and it was bullet proof for 4000 miles.. Had a Kenda tire and i was getting flats every couple of mnoths.
No real difference for me either. Just use good quality, proper pressure and Mr Tuffy (if needed) and you will be fine
I guess I must not ride enough. The only flats I've had were caused by user error when mounting tires.
Tires vary in the thickness of the liners as noted above, but they also very in how soft the rubber is. A tire with softer rubber will have better traction, but also have more flats. I bought a Trek XM 700+ which came with very soft tires and got 3 flats in the first 175 miles. I called Schwalbe about this and they said Trek spec'd the original tires to maximize traction, but they recommended a tire just below the one on the above web site that had harder rubber on the surface, but was not as puncture proof as the plus model. I bought these and have been happy with them through 1100 miles. I can't tell any difference in traction but it is a relief to get away from so many flats.