More Praxis Chain Drop Questions

I use a Garbaruk Chainring on my Creo. As you will see, it has taller teeth that engage the chain more securely and never had a dropped chain. This chainring is also half the weight of the Praxis one and excellent quality. Highly recommended from me.


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Check your chainring b4 you buy a new one. Some Creos (my 2022 for one) have 107bcd with 4 bolts. Others have 5-bolts chainrings, not sure of bcd.

The chainring mine came with is SRAM AXS X-sync. No drops so far.
The point is I own a Vado SL, which is very similar to Creo SL, and the only chain drop there was when the derailleur clutch was off. That's why I asked you if you owned a Creo. Not? Then your verbose wouldn't help the OP very much. He seems to have done everything properly.
Hopefully the simple adjustments solved most of it, after reading the how to of setting up derailleurs.
I just flipped it upside down till it worked. Clutching should be obvious. Upside down - nothing will spill out.
Test away every detail, and easy to lube critical spots.

That is interesting. Not sure what you are saying about "clutch in the chain ring motor". The Creo does not backpedal, under normal conditions. Are you saying you had an issue were it did backpedal?
My experience, my Creo, I have had it drop off two or three times and it's always been coasting down a bumpy hill in a mid-gear, no power, clutch on, and then shifting to a higher gear to catch up to the speed. A slight back pedaling will not drive the chain back through the derailleur but it can create a little temporary slack in the chain before the chain ring starts to slip and the chain is back under tension.
I had two chain drops on this evening's ride. Coasting along in the 4th sprocket and then shifting to a smaller sprocket before starting to pedal. Usually at the end of ride when tired or complacent.
Came here for this. My wife's Creo also has experienced chain drops, mostly on DH (she mostly doesn't pedal, but certainly does not backpedal), perhaps bumps. Though twice it's happened on climbs. This seems like a design defect. I ride a 2x, and have never had a chain drop except when I've shifted the front derailleur, which doesn't exist on the Creo.
I wanted to change to a 42T for better climbing. I went with a Wolf Tooth chain ring and I have not dropped a chain since I changed. I tried to test my backpedaling idea with the Praxis but could not reproduce the chain drop. I think the Praxis is light weight and maybe wears a little faster? I did not have any drops until after 3500 miles.
Pretty sure the Praxis is Aluminum to. My Garbaruk was half the weight and much better made. The higher teeth profile has never dropped a chain, even on back pedal.