More personalization options for UC Pro, lower start price, upgraded components!


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Hey everyone. I wanted to share that riders can personalize the UC Pro starting at a much lower price! We have a TON of build / personalization options and continue to maintain excellent components from the base bike.

UC Pro highlights- Starts at $4599

1. Base bike config has all the standard components
  • Archon X1 controller (of course)
  • Suntour Auron front suspension
  • Kinekt seatpost
  • Brooks B-17 imperial saddle
  • Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub.
  • Magura MT5E brakes with MDR-P rotors (front and rear with SA 3 speed, front only with Rohloff and kindernay - thanks to everyone who recommended this)
  • Spurcycle bell,
  • Ergon grips,
  • Belt drive,
  • Full fenders,
  • Schwalbe Supermoto-X 2.4 tires,
  • Lezyne macro 1000 front light, Brighter brake actuated rear light. (increasing rear visibility)
2. We have also reduced the price on the Rohloff option so you can build a UC Pro with Rohloff for an incredible ~$5,700 !

3. We received a lot of feedback from prospective customers that twist shifting is not ideal for riders with wrist pain / other conditions. Riders still want the efficiency and the gear range, so we are adding the Kindernay hub with Thumb Shifter as an option to all our bikes. They work quite well, need minimal maintenance, and we have not had failures in our tests even with with full unrestricted throttle.

4. We have also introduced the option to upgrade to the new Fox 36 e-optimized front suspension.

5. If you want even more braking power - you can upgrade brakes to the Hayes Dominion A4. We have had incredible feedback from the Crosstour and the Dominion A4s pretty much rule the high performance setups.

6. Current WW customers can buy the new integrated frame + battery only. All existing components can be migrated to the new frame
7. Current WW customers get a 10% discount on existing product lines and 15% on new products (e.g. 10% if you buy another UC Pro, but 15% if you buy a City Commuter)

Ps: the iPAD rendering issue will be fixed later today.
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Whoa, the Kindernay hub has a gear range of 543% while Rohloff's gear range is at 526%. That's pretty impressive.