Mission Control fix


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So, my Como would not sync with Mission Control. Called Specialized and they said to take it back to the shop (which is 45 miles from my house). Easy fix after hours of trying.
Replaced coin battery in digital speedometer and then restart everything. Bike, app, Bluetooth. Everything. After all
Of that it finally recognized my bike and synched. Hope this helps save someone some time. Ride on!
Hi Nancy,
I almost could bet the display was showing something like "LOW BATT". Very misleading! The new battery will last for last a year. You could also ask for replacing the coin battery in your wife's Como just for peace of mind!
Hi Stefan, it did read low battery, but not for the first few hours of trying to get it to sync. When it showed up, I thought, this can’t be the reason, but sure enough it was Good idea on changing the second Como. Thanks 😊