Specialized Mastermind display resets whenever I open the Mission Control app.

Brian in TN

New Member
I have created a couple of custom displays using the Mission Control app. One custom display shows my heart rate, which is important to me. Every time I open the Mission Control app on my phone and let it connect to the bike the Mastermind display resets and I lose my custom displays. It does this using either Android or iPhone, I’ve taken the bike to the LBS and had all the firmware updated including for the IGH. Specialized has been no help as it’s been back-and-forth emails since February. Reset the bike, reinstalled the app, etc., nothing has worked so far. This is really getting annoying as there are features in the Mission Control app I would like to use but can’t without losing my custom displays.

Bike: Como 5.0 IGH – purchased Nov 2022

Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any suggestions?
I had a weird display issue and found it was Mission Control switching to ‘Stealth Mode’ on its own. That will make your custom screens disappear.