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To Lumos’s credit, their support system (accessible only via email, but those emails go into a trouble ticket system) has been very responsive to me, replying usually within 1-3 business days. It hasn’t been long enough for them to reply to my issue yet but given the problem is the design of their new helmet, there’s not going to be anything they can do for me except to issue a refund. Hopefully they succeed in doing just that.

I also never had any LED burn out issues or button issues with my previous gen Lumos, however I probably don’t ride as often as the average person, so my good luck here may just be a matter of limited wear time.
I wear my helmet 2 times a day, 1 hour each time, and 7 days a week, when possible.
Like any R&D, the developers/inventors should have tested the real world use.
I as a beta participant was never really asked anything.
Received the below back from Lumos: “You should be able to adjust the straps, both on the left and on the right-hand side.”. No explanation as to HOW to adjust the left strap, just that I “should” be able to. Photos attached of the fixed left strap. It’s hard to tell from the photos but there is no more strap to be extracted from the helmet, where it anchors to the helmet, the strap is fused around a metal rod.


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