Looking to buy first ebike for wife and I. <$4000, mid-drive

To each his own like you said. But for me I need the exercise and I can be a bit lazy, so I purchased a class 1 e-bike which will help my personal needs and goals.
It really does hinge on who you are and what you want to do with the bike. For every tab a, b or c there is a slot a, b or c. It is a matter of figuring out which tab you are and which slot is the one that fits.

I started ebiking after a nearly life ending heart attack, at the age of 67, It not only launched me into a retirement I had already been angling towards and then changed my priorities in life. I bought an ebike to restore my health & vitality and also to loose weight. I started riding almost exactly three years ago, I used to smoke a pipe...no tobacco since the MI & stents, Ive lost 30 lbs. I have ridden almost 20,000 miles in the past three years and now my wife and I are doing just fine with one car. I started our with a Bosch powered bike back then and have stayed within their broad, well supported and diverse ecosystem, happily so.
No throttle but I recently bought a Trek +7 Lowstep for my wife to go along with my Allant+7 diamond frame. She loves hers and I love mine.
It really does hinge on who you are and what you want to do with the bike.
Very true, I got into ebiking 5 years ago after riding the DC Metro to work for 10 years and wanting to commute out in the open air but found I couldn’t ride up hill from the Potomac river without pedal assist. I converted a pedal bike with a lower power 350w Bafang BBS01. It came with a throttle that I left off riding it as a Class 1 for 3 years before deciding to fit the throttle which I use to get going from stationary then I use the pedal assist and the bikes gearing, the throttle helps with the limitations of the basic cadence PAS sensor and my creaky knees, I’m sure I’d be happy riding a Class 1 ebike with a torque sensor.