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Update from 9 February 2022. The AutomatiQ hub on my city speed still doesn’t work in the automatic mode - but - if I use the Enviolo App and put it in manual mode it shifts fine. The speed indicator still reads double my actual speed but the hub is at least able to use the full range of gearing. Thus it would seem my hub has one problem and the brose interface has another 😏 firmware gobblygook. Serial 1 is giving my local bike service provider the go ahead to work with them to find the solutions.
So the bike came that way? Just wondering because my out of the box experience was no problems at all. If the first thing you did is update the Enviolo hub via the app, I'm not surprised. That doesn't absolve Serial 1 of the responsibility of problem resolution, but it might be a helpful factoid for others who buy the bike.

I've worked in Tech for a long time and the most challenging situations often occur when a product includes integrating multiple companies hardware/software products into their final product. It is the OEM's (in this case Serial 1) responsibility to ensure proper integration of the various components. It appears they are stepping up albeit slowly ...
agreed, if this was the out of the box experience, I would have been very vocal about them swapping out the bike and figuring it out on their own time.
I rode the Serial 1 Rush Cty Speed 30 miles today. I was paying special attention to the Enviolo AUTOMATiQ CVT. I've read descriptions of shifting or the lack there of. With the Serial 1 Rush models CVT, there is no shifting as with a conventional cassette derailleur. There is a subtle decrease in the final drive ratio when you pedal with more effort and conversely, reducing pedal effort means an increase the drive ratio and a slower speed but better climbing with a higher gear ratio ias the result.

This is all done so smoothly and transparently there is no sensation of shifting but only an increase or decrease in resistance of the pedals. It is hard to describe because it is not linear like shifting through gears. It is all based upon the amount of effort you put out and, the amount of assist you dial in. Very cool tech when it works and probably very frustrating when it doesn't.

BTW, the new charge port cover resolves the old covers losing it while riding issue. I still don't like the charge port location but with the new cover the lost cover problem is resolved.
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i am going to ask serial 1 to just send me the new port cover instead of waiting for it to fall out, especially with it being winter here still in the north east, so perfect time for some bike maintenance.
i am going to ask serial 1 to just send me the new port cover instead of waiting for it to fall out, especially with it being winter here still in the north east, so perfect time for some bike maintenance.
Yeah, everyone should make that simple change. The port cover when loose is in the travel path of the crank arm and is easily dislodged without a sound so ... its lost. I tested this and the new one, even when loose from the charge port, the new retainer will keep the cover from dislodging from the bike.
Repeat of a post that appears in other Threads.

I just got off the phone with Serial 1 Tech Support. The new Serial 1 App that I received an email notification on this morning is lacking any/all the features I hoped to have in my late 2021 Model Rush City Speed. For 2021 purchasers all this App will give you is a google maps feature and already exists on your phone e.g. nothing useful.

You can download the app now, but it will not report any ride data on non-2022 model Serial 1 bikes. This is hugely disappointing and I hope all of you Serial 1 owners let them know how problematic this type of short sighted product development is and blaming the issue on Brose is not an appropriate answer.

This is my first negative experience with Serial 1 but it is a very BIG negative.
it just came out and there is a new model??
Well I guess it was introduced in 2019 but with COVID, they didn't really get production going until 2021. So yes, it is a very fast model discontinuance and new model upgrade. My concern is the lack of design integrity that would allow for something simple like a ride control APP. If they at least worked with Garmin or any other Bike App that would allow for integration of those important ride statistics features into the bikes Bluetooth interface I'd be fine. But this smacks of very poor electronic design and or planned obsolescence which pisses me off ...
My bike had unresolved fender and rack alignment issues front and rear that several visits to my closest LBS, but not the specific store of the same company where I took delivery of my Rush Cty Speed XL. 2 days ago, I took the bike to the store I purchased from and the fender/rack issues were finally fixed. This demonstrates the advantages of buying from an LBS vs direct from Serial 1 or even Best Buy. The 2 year warranty was a prime consideration in purchasing a bike with a Brose motor, Inviolo AutomatiQ belt drive train and a Harley Davidson designed battery system. A complicated integration of three major components and it was a cause for concern.

I am still very unhappy with Serial 1's refusal to accommodate the existing user base with the Google Cloud based Ride App. When I purchased, I was told by Serial 1 Customer Service that an APP was in development but no details were available. This was in Nov 2021 and I was sure this APP was for all existing and of course future models.

Now realizing that is not the case, my only hope is that if enough owners complain about this serious disregard for the existing owners, Serial 1 will step up with an upgrade path that doesn't include buying the newer essentially the same V 2 models. It isn't easy to obtain their email address so I've included that here. They don't give out a phone number I assume due to staffing issues.

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