Kalkhoff: your recent experiences: Still a lot of issues?


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Hi everyone, thinking of replacing my trusted specialized city (13 years old.... still looking very good, it's not her it's me....) by an ebike to avoid getting back in the tube when we finally get back to work. I have my eyes on a Kalkhoff Endeavour 7B Advance, with the new gen Bosch CX. I am tall and big (2m and 120kg... hopefully going down soon....)
I read quite a bit about the bike and tried one at Velorution (London dealer chain).
I've read people having had quite a few issues in the past that seem to be linked to a specific powertrain. Has anyone had recent experiences with this brand, its aftercare if problems do occur, and with the powertrain?
Or have they corrected their issues.
Also it's between this Kalkhoff and a R&M Charger 3, so has anyone having any strong opinion for or against one or the other model?
Or.... would you advise me to look at other brands too? Trek Verve+? Moustache Saturday 28?
Thanks in advance for your help.
I had a kalkhoff a few years ago and was sadly disappointed,however it was with the impulse 2 motor which was notoriously unreliable, but that was enough to realise Kalkhoff don’t stand by their products and happy to push out products they know are faulty, id pick the alternative bike, I really like the bafang motors, they’re doing some great bikes now with the M620 Motor’s