Kalkhoff 5.b Advance - Bosch Advance Plus & Shimano Hub 8 speed. What year???


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Hi everyone,
I am very tempted by an ex demo bike at Velorution in London (Hackney branch), where i could get the bike at a good price (especially via the Cycle to Work scheme).
I have tried the bike today and thought it was great but I do not have enough points of comparison. (it would be my first electric bike...)

Does £2600 for a Kalkhoff 5.b Advance with Bosch Advance Plus and Intuver display, and Shimano Gear Hub 8 gears seems like an OK/good/bad deal.

I understand that the bike isn't new and has been used as a demonstrator by the dealer, but i am failing to find any info on that particular set up online.

Though the dealer tells me it's a 2022, i am not convinced and think it could be a bit older than that. (Apparently the Shimano Hub 8 gear is now replaced by the 5 gears... though i have no idea when that happened.

Any help appreciated.



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