Just got a Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 and am quite surprised


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Took 5 minutes to verify that indeed all the helper springs were in the bag, none in the bike.

Loosen pinch bolts on steering stem.

Use your fingers to unscrew the finger tight cover on top of the stem.

Remove stem and attached handlebar and place carefully on front wheel, (used a bungee cord to keep it there).

Use an adjustable wrench to remove the cover for the spring compartment.

Drop in the spring, (I attached it to the cover for proper placement), and tighten the spring cover with adjustable wrench to "tight" but not overly so.

Replace stem/handlebar and align.

Replace stem cover with fingers.

Tighten pinch bolta on steering stem.

I used the medium spring (black) as the soft spring didn't seem to offer any resistance to even a finger squeeze while the hard spring only offered resistance.

I think that will take care of the harshness/bottoming out when going over such things as railroad tracks.
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