Just died. Doesn't turn on. No power. No screen - Broke AGAIN

So correct me if I am wrong, you were checking the battery voltage at the farme mounted male connectors and not the female connects on the battery it self? I recently checked my voltage when I had the battery for charging (never charge it on bike). At the battery terminals I saw very similar voltages as you the peak battery voltage was 54.5v.

You have peaked my curiosity so I will be checking the male pins on the bike after removing the battery. I'll report back my findings.
Yep, that is correct. There is a capacitor in the controller that holds power for quite a while. They did have me checking on the bike side male pins.

I saw in another post you had issues in trying to get your bike (like I did). Now that you've had it, how's it been? And I saw you also had a KCMO phone number. I live in KCMO and thought that was just a fake number they gave me to make it look like a local presence. Doesn't matter really, it's a Skype number that is never answered and has a generic, non-Himiway message. I think I've been had. Can't really say, taken for a ride. That's what I want to happen.
Personally I think we will all be a lot happier when we can find other sources and not have to deal with CCP Chinese companies.
The supply issues are a pain in the butt, although the website now says my part is in stock. We'll see. Bigger issue is the Chinese. They have no regard for Americans or our business. They don't care about customer service because they know we'll keep coming back for cheap crap and sadly we do. I'm not aware of a domestic alternative.
Could there be a problem with a brake cut off? What if in your driveway you tried riding with one at a time disconnected?
Tried that before. Disconnected each one, then both. This time I have a twist. I unplugged the display unit to reset it. When I tried to plug it back in, it wouldn't go all the way and I pulled it apart and it looks now like one of the pins is broken off inside the female connector. Honestly, I don't think the replacement they sent me was new. It had scratches on the screen. I suspect it had been rebuilt. Might have had some other issue, but right now I can't even plug it back in.
Personally I think we will all be a lot happier when we can find other sources and not have to deal with CCP Chinese companies.
NO USA manufacturing of eBike components exists.
Amazon, Walmart, and others prove most will willingly sell China products. Sad that there isn't a USA-made motor. But I imagine the price would be quite high.
I'm politely curious. Why didn't you pitch a bitch?
Because it worked. It was a scratch on the screen. Showed zero miles and I'd waited weeks to get it. I just want to ride. Besides, it's a waste of time to pitch a bitch to a machine. I don't think there is a human involved. Currently I do two hours a day or about 25 miles. Very hilly here and I simply can't do that on a traditional bike. My hip and knees can't take the pressure to try to navigate the hills and my hip can't take getting off and on to walk. I need my e-bike. If I STOP doing it, I'll lose the habit and fill that time with something else that isn't helping my health.
I am considering purchasing the Himiway, and this was a good read for me especially with how CS treated you and what replacement parts available.