Introduction, new Orbea Vibe rider from Holland


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Hi all, used this forum for reading and decision making about buying first ebike.
It is a Orbea Vibe H30. Model year 2021, with great discount but not seeing difference with current 2023 model. So really happy with it.
After reading the Vibe posts on this forum also mounted fenders, bottle cage, lock and changed stem, tyres, pedals and saddle.
Living in Holland, no mountains but a lot of wind, this will help me extend my rides.
Picture belows shows final result.

Does the rear fender mount carry panniers with about a 10kg capacity for communing? It looks beautiful, elegant, clean. I love the tan walls with the Brooks.
@Sanbro, Just for fun try this sometime with your bike. Put it into the lowest, easiest, gear and go into the highest power level. Then pedal as slowly and softly as you can. I think you will be surprised. The integrated rack/fender looks great. I am impressed that it is so sleek and holds so much.