Interesting Review of Specialized Fattie ebike that is also about e-mountain bikes in general

First paragraph in...Specialized is the first major manufacturer to dive into the deep end? Guess he doesn't know much about the overseas market where ebikes are so much more ubiquitous.

That comment aside, a pretty decent article coming from a regular biking site. I say if the Europeans can live with ebikes on their trails, the US won't be that far behind, especially with the support of the larger brands.
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Yes, which also fits with how he admits that he was biased against ebikes going in to the review. But he really seems to have come around to appreciating them.
He discussed the access in Utah, on BLM and Forest Service land. The new Utah ebike law explicity says, twice, an ebike is a bike. It can do whatever a bike can do. But the Feds are clinging to this 'motor' thing. It's going to take a while. Actually you can take any legal ebike on any trail in Utah, on the sidewalks. Obey the speed limit. Very liberal.

Section 2. Section 41-6a-1115.5 is enacted to read:

386 41-6a-1115.5. Electric assisted bicycles -- Restrictions -- Penalties.

387 (1) Except as otherwise provided in this section, an electric assisted bicycle is subject

388 to the provisions under this chapter for a bicycle.

389 (2) An individual may operate an electric assisted bicycle on a path or trail designated

390 for the use of a bicycle.

391 (3) A local authority or state agency may adopt an ordinance or rule to regulate or

392 restrict the use of an electric assisted bicycle, or a specific classification of an electric assisted

393 bicycle, on a sidewalk, path, or trail within the jurisdiction of the local authority or state

394 agency.

395 (4) An individual under 16 years of age may not operate a class 3 electric assisted

396 bicycle.

397 (5) An individual under 14 years of age may not operate an electric assisted bicycle

(8) (a) Beginning January 1, 2017, each Utah-based manufacturer of an electric assisted

405 bicycle and each distributor of an electric assisted bicycle in Utah shall permanently affix a

406 label in a prominent location on the electric assisted bicycle.

407 (b) Each manufacturer and each distributer shall ensure that the label is printed in Arial

408 font, in 9-point type or larger, and includes the:

409 (i) appropriate electric assisted bicycle classification number described in Section

410 41-6a-102;

411 (ii) top assisted speed; and

412 (iii) wattage of the motor.

413 (9) An individual who violates this section is guilty of an infraction.

(b) A person operating a moped, as defined in Section 41-6a-102[, or an electric

485 assisted bicycle, as defined in Section 41-6a-102], is not required to have a motorcycle

486 endorsement issued under this chapter

(4) "Recreational trail" or "trail" means a multi-use path used for:

503 (a) muscle-powered activities, including:

504 (i) bicycling;

505 (ii) cross-country skiing;

506 (iii) walking;

507 (iv) jogging; and

508 (v) horseback riding; and

509 (b) uses compatible with the uses described in Subsection (4)(a), including the use of

510 an electric assisted bicycle, as defined in Section 41-6a-102.
Reads like a modified version of the laws in Minnesota - basic, practical and reasonable.