I love my Metro+, but...

Bungee Sue

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Hi, everyone, I have had my Metro+ for 2 weeks now. I love riding it and have had hardly any difficulty adapting to it.
I don't understand why - -
1. The handlebars are designed that way. It makes it difficult to attach some of my accessories
2. The rack is so far forward and there is such a large gap where I want to put my panier. My first long ride was 25 miles. I had rigged up the bungee that came with the bike so it would cover enough of the gap so my panier wouldn't rub against the spokes. I was riding on a narrow, busy road and was just pulling to the side when the traffic was coming. I skidded to a stop (about 10'). I thought it happened because I'd gone from 6 power to 0 power by mistake, but what had stopped me was the bungee cord had wrapped around the gears and jammed my back wheel. If I'd been in front of the traffic, I would have been hit. I have managed to rig a piece of coat hanger wire across from the vertical bar of the rack to the metal bar of the fender. This seems to be enough to keep my panier from touching the spokes.
3. There is no hook for the bottom of my panier to anchor to
4. The frame of the rack is so thick, my panier can't attach to it.

That's about it. As you can see, most of my complaints are about the rack. If it can be redesigned, it will be a perfect bike.
I've got the Metro, same inadequate rack. I don't need full panniers, ended up going with Wald baskets that I had to zip tie in place thanks to the bulge in the rack.
Did you see the "coat hanger" bars I added to my bike? I posted a photo. That has worked perfectly for me.

The Volt e-bike is almost exactly the same frame, etc. Their rack sits farther back. I haven't checked if the screws would match or not.

Another possible fix could be a cargo net over the gap.