how to get the freehub off a Cutler Mac motor


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I bought the last Mac motor in the US. It has a freehub, not a freewheel. I really want the motor on the front, not the back. I see the snap ring holding the freehub on the axle, I removed it. I pried between hub back & motor body using wood chisels, no movement. ????
There are videos about disassembling the freehub; I don't want to do that. I just want it gone. Any spacers required between motor & fork I can figure that out and make something.
I have another Mac motor, a 12t which I really loved. Tremendous power up hills. The clutch was slipping one engagement out of 3 when the controller wiring got burned off in the rain in 2021. I've replaced the stupid ASI controller wiring with conventional white block hall effect connector and .157" bullet connectors for the phase wires. Will anybody sell me a Mac motor clutch? from 2019 if it makes a difference. The new 8t motor has 12 mm axle shafts, the 12t motor has 14 mm axle shafts. Put your dead 48 v 1000w mac motor on ebay "for parts" if you want me to pay you. Twisted off wire harness would be great.
Edit: I've had the new motor out of the case. The old motor has a ring gear on the left brake side, and a steel clutch rivited to a plate with 3 plastic gears on it. The new motor has the clutch built into the brake side of the motor between the windings and the cover plate. The new motor will fit in the old housing, but the brake side bearing is wrong, too big. I'll just have to make spacers for this stupid 10 speed cassette I bought by mistake to fit 8 speed chain, since my front triple shifter is for 3/32" width chain.
Edit 2 1 day later. The sprockets on SRAM 8 speed cassette aren't any closer together than the sprockets on a 7 speed freewheel. Both .225". So freehub must be deeper than freewheel to allow more sprockets. No spacers between sprockets required to shift 8 speed cluster with 8 speed X3 derailleur.
Installation spline on freehub lock ring uses same park 1.3 tool as the freewheel. While new Mac motor was sold as an 8t, disassembly reveals a notation "11T" on the winding plate. Same place "12T" was marked on my old motor. So new motor may be useable in grocery hauler service on hilly route. 8T would be a desert racer, poor low speed torque but not as bad as the Direct Drive motor I started with. Both motors have 36 coils.
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