How can I test to determine whether it's my torque sensor or controller that is malfunctioning?


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Ride1Up LMTD 250 miles, working with support on this as well. They are sending me a new controller and torque sensor. I would like to not have to change the TS (bottom bracket) if I don't have to because it's a lot of work. How can I test it to see if it's good or bad using a fluke multimeter?

The PAS works when I start up the bike. It will work for a few minutes, then it will quit and I have to use throttle. Resetting the display off and on will sometimes let it work again for some time. Already checked all the connections.

Bench testing the torque sensor is more trouble than it's worth IMO. Swap the controller, see if that does it - then swap the Torque sensor if you're still experiencing issues after the controller swap. Sounds like a controller issue to me TBH.