How adjustable is the handlebar height on the 700 Series?


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Considering both the 700 series and the new Turris. One thing I like about the Turris is it has a true comfortable upright handlebar height of 44".

I understand the 700 series is 40" in height but also has a adjustment options. Is it possible to adjust to a true cruiser position?
I have the 700 series XR. I’m 6’ tall. The stock handlebars were a bit too low for me. Though, I maxed the riser stem all the way up, the front hydraulic brake line was too short to find a good position. The brake lever had to be angled very low so my handlebar would at its max height.

I ended up learning how to make a new hose and bought this handlebar. I got the 720mm width version as it was closer to the stock 645mm width. I trimmed 19mm from both ends to have 682mm width. The wider arm position is much more comfortable.

The original handlebars have a 25mm rise and these new bars have 90mm rise. The difference was a couple of inches, so my riding position is more upright. This is a sweet spot, for me.

Handlebar height is now 47.25”, from end of bar to ground. The handlebar diameter, at the stem, is 31.8mm. Any handlebar with that diameter will work just fine, assuming all your handlebar items will fit to the width. I’m sure any bike shop would be willing to fit you a new handlebar. I almost went that route, but I wanted to see if I could do it. :)


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