Himi Cruiser - Speedometer showing only 5mph

Pelagic One

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San Ramon, CA
Hello! My Himiway Cruiser just came back from the LBS, added Tannus Armor, drove home on hitch rack in the rain, and now only displays speed around 5mph. I‘ve tried PAS at max (0-5), and full throttle only, and the speedometer doesn’t go past about 5mph.

What should I try?

I‘ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting alll electronic connectors, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the removal of the rear wheel (for Tannus insert installation). When driving home in the rain, the battery was safely in the car, and the battery mount and controller were well wrapped in plastic.

Suggestions, please...
Asked and answered: Electrical connections must’ve come loose during servicing at LBS. After disconnecting and reconnecting all connections, the speedometer registers actual speed now.