Hi All. New South West Missouri Bike Owner Here


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South West Missouri
Hello boys and girls just picked up my first eBike 4 days ago. I have a few questions but imma hop over to check out the search function in this place and see what info I can find. I am a 6’1”, 43yo, over the hill, over weight male that started in the gym little over 3 years ago and have went from 280lbs 3 years ago to 234 this morning. I have found myself getting bored with the gym and wanted to look into getting a nice stationary bike for home when I ran across e-bikes. Upon closer research I found that a good high quality stationary bike is almost the same price as an e-bike. Outside sounded more fun so I decided to pull the trigger and ordered an Aventon Aventure 2. So far I really like it. I have only put about 25 miles on it the last 4 days and my legs are jello. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be (which is good). As I’m mentioned I’m over 6’ but I only have a 30” inseam. So my torso is very long which makes getting a bike to fit me interesting. I have bad knees and biking has been awesome for me so far but this is going to build some muscles in these old legs. Anyway if you made it this far thanks for the add.
I’m off to look up some info and I’m sure I’ll have a question or two at some point. Cheers guys.
Welcome mate!
I'll be 67 next week and an ebike has been a huge positive.
Sounds like it's going to do the same for you as well.
Enjoy, and congrats!
PIty you started ebikeing so late in the year. I'm a lot stronger now than I was in May when staying at my summer property became possible (no heat out there). My times on the fixed uphill route have gone down from 5.5 hr (post 194 days covid) to 3.7 sometimes if the wind is not strong in my face. I'm age 73, also have short legs & long torso, which is good for biking.
In winter you may want to use the stationary bikes at a commercial gym to maintain your strength, or buy one. I own a Tinturi stationary bike, which is very stable and is 30 years old. Unforunately a burglar rearranged all my belongings 2020, and I still don't have the house rearranged to park the stationary bike in front of the TV & video player. Plus he stole all the DVD's and the player. 30 minutes staring at the wall wasn't good enough last winter for me to use the stationary bike. and 2 trips a week shopping of 8 miles wasn't enough to maintain strength. I hope to get enough belongings (books) back to the attic this fall to move the Tinturi bike back in position. To use it this winter.
Enjoy building your health.